Inspired by Taiwan’s fertile musical landscape, Spectro 7’s debut album, Stream Legend, features a large range of musical styles such as Nanguan music, Beiguan music, Hakka folk songs, and Taiwanese indigenous music, as well as components from Indian music, African music, and Latin music. As a result, the album presents a collective portrait of our members’ life stories with each track revealing personal snapshots of moments when they challenged themselves to dive into unknown territories. Through constant explorations of different instruments and musical styles, ideas clashed and sparkled before eventually solidifying into this unique musical presentation. It has always been Spectro 7’s goal to create a singular music of their own.

Special thanks go to Mr. Rich Huang (黃瑞豐) for his amazing drumming that infused infinite energy into this album. Spectro 7 hopes to pass on the precious gift of cultural heritage as they continue on their musical adventures.