Spectro-7 takes local folk songs, Hakka songs, Nanguan and Beiguan music, Peking Opera and Taiwanese aboriginal music as our axis, fusing with diverse music styles such as popular music, jazz, Latin music, Indian music and other world music in order to create our music that moves people with genuine emotions. By reactivating the ancient melodies in our culture and demonstrating the unique beauty of local music, Spectro-7 establishes a dialogue between the local and the international, between tradition and modernity.

In addition to its original music pieces, Spectro-7 is also outstanding on its aesthetics of performing.

 Inspired by the works of calligraphy master Tong Yang-tze, Spectro-7’s costumes are made by renowned designer Chou Yu Ying and presented on stage with sophisticated lighting, which perfectly displays our delicate philosophy of design. During the performance, participative sections are organized, inviting our audience to sing together with the music. With the trans-disciplinary innovation and moved by the sensitivities displayed in the melody, the audience will be able to resonate with our musicians’ love and passion towards our land.

With his background in traditional Chinese opera, our Artistic Director Wu Chang Chun is not only most popular musician of world music in the nation, but also a famous percussionist in popular music. Based on Wu’s attainment in Chinese traditional music and his numerous stage experience, combining with the unique composing style of each member of Spectro-7, we expect to eliminate the barrier between traditional music and the public, breaking the existing frame and bringing a new life to the ancient. The collision between different music styles will certainly provoke imagination of the audience and lead to extensive possibilities in the future.

Alex Wu
   Erhu, Percussion, Drums, Vocals, Composer

Chung-Ching Chen 
   Liuqin, Zhongruan, Sanxian, Vocals, Composer

Jiro Yeh 
   Bass, Percussion, Vocals, Composer

Sayun Chang
   Percussion, Drums, Vocals, Composer

I-Wen Chou 
   Keyboards, Vocals, Composer

Liang-Yu Lin 
   Keyboards, Vocals, Composer

Sherwin Yang 
   Guitar, Percussion, Vocals, Composer


2018.06.15 National Taiwan College of Performing Arts(*Alex Wu received Outstanding Alumni Award).
2018.09.17-20 four promo lectures at Tainan National University of the Arts,
皮卡音樂中心,Tainan University of Technology, National University of Tainan.
2018.09.22-23 Benfeng Eware House, Tainan.
2019.02.22 Hsin Tian Kong Library, Taipei.
2019.04.21 Lin Chien-Sheng Memorial Library, Taipei.
2019.06.20 30
th The Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Arts and Music Conference Performance.
2019.06.30 “Spectro7 Amusement Park”, Taipei Children’s Arts Festival 20
th anniversary Concert.
2019.08.17 Taoyuan Music & Beer Festival.
2019.09.01 “City Forest, Living Art Festival”, HsinChu.  
2020.06.30 “Stream Legend” album release. 
  “Soulful band: Spectro 7”, Da Ai Television’s “How ART you” program. 
2020.12.02 Taipei Wego Private Senior High School.
2020.12.24“Christmas Concert series”, Taipei Music Center.  
2020.12.25 “Taiwan Hakka Music Festival”, Legacy Taipei, Huashan 1914 Creative Park.
2020.12.27 “Love in the Arts” Music Festival, Daan Forest Park Outdoor Stage.
2021.02.26  Guest band for Wing Lo’s Music video “
2021.03.07 “Stream Legend” album release show, LIVE WAREHOUSE, Kaohsiung.
2021.03.13 “Stream Legend” album release show, Corner House, Taipei.
2021.10.31 “2021 World Music Festival in Taiwan” performed at Da Jia Riverside Park.
2021.11.27 “Plaza Music Festival” performed at the outdoor plaza of Taipei Zhongshan Hall.
2021.12.25-26 “Art Play – TCO Family Carnival” performed at the Music Stand of the 228 Peace Memorial Park in Taipei City.
2022.01.01 Participated in the Vienna Philharmonic’s New Year’s Eve Online Concert “Spectro 7 Band – Love Without Borders,” performed at the outdoor theater of the Weiwuying in Kaohsiung.
2022.05.31 “Spectro 7 Band – Love Without Borders” performed at the outdoor plaza of Zhongshan Hall upon invitation from the Taipei Chinese Orchestra during the “Taipei Traditional Arts Festival.”
2022.08.24 “Spectro 7 Band – Arts and Culture General Education Course for Faculty and Staff,” performed at the Yasheng Hall of National Taiwan University.
2022.09.02 “Global Village Dream – Latin X Hakka X String Quartet,” performed at the Taiwan Opera Center’s Small Theater.
2022.09.04 “Global Village Voices – Spectro 7 Band X Cai Zixuan X Female Voices,” performed at the Taiwan Opera Center’s Small Theater.
2022.11.21 Participated in the artistic collaboration project “Starry Years – Zeng Zhongying’s ‘Music and Shadows’ Memorial Concert,” performed at the Taiwan Opera Center’s Grand Theater.
2022.11.23 “Spectro 7 Band – Love Without Borders” performed at the School Events Center upon invitation from the General Education Center of Shu-Te University of Medicine and Technology.
2023.01.21 Collaborative performance with Abao and Luo Wenyu in the “WE ARE Chinese New Year Special Program – Our New Year’s Eve Night.”
2023.05.30 Released the second original USB album “Initial.”
2023.06.15 Held a sharing session for the second original album “Initial” at the Witch’s Shop, with a performance.
2023.07.02 Performed at an outdoor session during the Zhubei Chinese Orchestra Festival upon invitation from the Hsinchu Youth Chinese Orchestra.
2023.09.15 As part of the “Singer Music Exchange Project – Reviving Trends,” performed at the 2nd-floor theater of the Hakka Music and Drama Center upon the invitation of the Taipei Hakka Affairs Commission and the Hakka Culture Foundation.
2023.11.03 “Spectro 7 Band – Music Without Boundaries” performed at the Taiwan Music Hall’s audiovisual room upon the invitation of the Taiwan Interdisciplinary Performance Art Society (TIPAS).